Why are online reviews so important?

If you are not yet aware of the importance of online reviews in the digital age, you should know that user reviews have a direct impact on traffic, sales, reputation, and brand awareness of companies. The online reputation of companies is significantly influenced by shoppers reviews.

For some time, it has been difficult to imagine the Internet without them: recommendations, ratings, stars. For many consumers, this has been a routine for a long time, on the one hand, everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, on the other hand, in case of doubt, it can rely on other opinions and thus can save an experience. stupid. That’s why online reviews are so important these days.

Nothing works in online retail without reviews

Above all, on the internet, where the customer cannot be immediately convinced of the quality of an item or service offered, an attempt is made to avoid possible disappointments based on the reviews and experiences of other customers.

There are now a large number of vendors that collect and aggregate ratings and certify websites. Such an award from third-party suppliers is especially indispensable for online stores. Usually, in the form of a seal, the consumer can be informed about his good reputation and therefore about his confidence.

How worthy are online reviews?

Of course, as a retailer, you can also collect customer feedback and save yourself by having to hire a third-party vendor. However, this brings with it some problems: For example, integrating such a system on your own may be associated with some additional efforts and costs.

But this is not the only factor: trust in customer reviews that you have personally collected can be assessed as quite low. Because it is easy for the operator to cheat and eliminate unpleasant opinions or even to lend a helping hand and give false positive reviews.

What are the benefits of online reviews for your business?

Used properly, online reviews can be critical to your company’s long-term success. They strengthen the company’s image, attract more attention, and can convince potential customers of products or services.

Not every evaluation should be consistently positive: reviews should not only praise but criticize if something did not go so well. They allow your customer to address points or issues that have influenced the customer’s optimal experience, both positively and negatively.

Use reviews you’ve already received to get information about strengths and weaknesses you may not have noticed. BUT: Just taking note of praise and criticism in online reviews is by no means enough to improve your image. Only when you start an active dialogue with your customers based on the reviews do you show that you are ready to work on yourself and improve the customer experience for the benefit of the customer.

Other benefits of online reviews:

  • Products that have received positive reviews are sold more often than products without reviews.
  • Positive reviews can increase sales by up to 30%.
  • The more reviews your company receives, the higher the conversion rate and sales figures.
  • Reading reviews can have a positive impact on customers’ buying behavior.
  • You will learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Engage in an active dialogue with your customers.
  • Learn more about your customers’ needs.