Saying ‘No’ to Your Teenager Often Ends in Trouble: Try Saying These Instead

Quite often, a ‘no’ against your teenager’s wishes will result in a revolt from him/her. They are in a period of transition when they are becoming aware of their independence and the freedom, they have to decide for themselves. Given that, they are reluctant listening to you all the time. How can you get your teenager to follow some rules and regulations amicably, without any drama? This article discusses ways in which you can handle your teenager without resorting to saying no.

1. Family Discussions Can Lead to Mutual Understanding

Make it a norm to have family meetings in which your teen and you can discuss things. A blunt ‘no’ will often lead to retaliation. However, informing them of the limits politely in a discussion can have different outcomes. Let’s assume that your teen wishes to stay out of the house beyond the time allowed by you. You can bring …

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