Accidental Blogger and Influencer Wannabe

I started blogging accidentally by 2010, And I didn’t think that it would last long for more than a decade up to now. I mean, I blogged before because I joined the contest on social media and I won some local and foreign competition which involves travel and much more. I will not mention it, but you may use a search engine to search my name Jayson Biadog.

After that blog, web, and social media contest. I became addicted to blogging itself. I got access to exclusive and sporting events inside and outside the country. I wish it was Superbowl, Nascar, F1, World Cup, NBA finals, or MGM Grand boxing or UFC. But who knows sometime later yeah? Guess what? I’ve been to some of those exciting events sometimes in my life. Seeing those live in the bleacher or paddock club.

Looking back to those glorious years before the pandemic, …

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