How to start an SIP investment online – Explained!

Systematic Investment Plans, or SIPs, have brought about a change in the way of investing in mutual funds, offering investors a disciplined approach to building their portfolio for long-term wealth creation. An SIP offers an opportunity to invest even with limited earnings and access growth potential with an added benefit of rupee cost averaging, which balances out the impact of market fluctuations on your portfolio over time. Moreover, with several online platforms, setting up an SIP is simpler, secure, and convenient. Read on to find out how you can start your SIP investment online, from setting out your goals to completing the process online.

Step 1: Make financial goals and form timelines

Your goals with an SIP investment may include saving for retirement, buying a house, or planning children’s higher education. Once you decide on your financial goals, create a timeline to get clarity on how much money needs to …

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Erectile Dysfunction and Peripheral Artery Disease: The Connection

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and peripheral artery disease (PAD) are two common conditions that affect many men worldwide. While ED is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual activity, PAD is a circulatory disorder that occurs when there is a buildup of plaque in the arteries leading to reduced blood flow to the extremities, especially the legs. Although these conditions appear to be unrelated, recent studies suggest a possible link between them. In this article, we will explore the connection between ED and PAD and how medications can be used to manage both conditions.

Understanding the Link between ED and PAD

Several studies have found a strong association between ED and PAD. One study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men with ED were more likely to have PAD than those without ED. The researchers also found that the …

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Here’s All That You Need to Know About Cataract & Its Health Insurance Coverage

One of the most frequent eye procedures performed in India is cataract surgery. A survey shows over 74% of Indian seniors over 60 have cataracts or have undergone cataract surgery.

A cataract operation typically costs between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 65,000. In India, several health insurance providers offer coverage for cataract procedures at competitive premium rates. Cataract insurance provides a minimum of Rs. 20,000 in coverage per eye and a maximum of Rs. 35,000. After a two-year waiting period, cataract coverage is available.

In the prime of your life, a health insurance plan with cataract coverage can help you save significant money. Instead of purchasing at the last minute, be ready with enough coverage to guarantee a smooth ride through the medical emergency. Most health insurance providers offer health insurance plans that include coverage for cataract procedures.

However, bear in mind the following terms and conditions related to the coverage …

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Health Insurance Tax Deduction Under Section 80D

Section 80D of the Internal Revenue Code permits you to claim tax deductions on the premiums you pay on purchasing health insurance. This provision is of critical importance to both your tax preparation and your financial management.

Under section 80D, what kinds of deductions are permitted?

  • The amount of money paid each month as a premium for health insurance coverage.
  • The amount of money spent on the medical treatment of members of the family, including the parents.

Under section 80D, one can submit a claim for a tax deduction for the amount spent on maintaining health insurance coverage. The maximum amount that can be paid out under the plan’s terms is established by considering the age of the insured individual.

  Insured   Deduction Amount
  Age Below 60 yrs.   Age Above 60 yrs.
  Self, Spouse & Children   25,000   50,000
  Parents   25,000   50,000
  Deduction   50,000   1,00,000
  Healthcare   5,000   5,000

People 80 or …

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Coping with ED After a Stroke

Stroke is a leading cause of death and long-term disability globally. The impact of stroke is not limited to physical disability, but it can also affect the psychological and emotional well-being of survivors, including their sexual health. One of the sexual health problems that stroke survivors may experience is erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence.

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to maintain or achieve an erection sufficient for sexual activity. This can be a source of distress and embarrassment for many men, and it can also have a negative impact on their relationships and overall quality of life. In this article, we will discuss ED after a stroke, its causes, and how it can be treated, including the use of Viagra.

Causes of ED after a Stroke

ED after a stroke can be caused by a variety of factors, including nerve damage, changes in hormone levels, and medication …

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The Best Tools for Mastering Data Analysis and Improving Data Management

Data analysis and management are crucial skills in the modern business world. With an increase in data generation and storage, it’s essential to have tools that can help you analyze, organize, and make decisions based on that data. In this article, we will explore some of the best tools for mastering data analysis and improving data management.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a classic tool for data analysis and management. It’s user-friendly, accessible, and provides a variety of functions for organizing, analyzing, and presenting data. With Excel, you can create pivot tables, charts, and graphs, as well as use various formulas for data analysis. Additionally, Excel provides a range of options for formatting and customizing data to meet specific needs.


Tableau is a data visualization and business intelligence tool designed for data analysis and management. It’s known for its ability to quickly turn raw data into interactive dashboards and …

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Looking for the Best Term Plan? Here Are the Things to Consider

Life Insurance

A term plan or a term insurance policy is a pure life cover plan which secures the future of the policyholder’s loved ones or family members or nominees in case of his/her untimely demise. The policyholder pays a decided premium amount either on a monthly or yearly basis. As the awareness with respect to term plans is increasing, more and more people are buying them.

Buying a term insurance policy is a simple thing. There are several insurance companies, such as Tata AIA Life insurance and many others, that are offering different life insurance and term plans to meet the diverse requirements of people. The term plan can be applied to anyone irrespective of being a senior citizen, working woman, salaried person, married couple, young individuals, etc. There is no limitation. However, there are set eligibility criteria that the applicant should meet to buy a term plan.

But, the main …

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Rekomendasi Toko Pusat Alat Safety

Toko alat keselamatan Lestari Safety Indonesia adalah distributor safety terkemuka di Indonesia. Kami berdedikasi untuk menyediakan produk berkualitas tinggi dan layanan profesional kepada pelanggan. Misi kami adalah untuk membuat orang lebih aman dengan menyediakan berbagai alat pelindung diri (APD) terbaik dan solusi keselamatan lainnya. Beberapa alat safety yang tersedia pada Toko Lestari Safety Indonesia antara lain:

Safety Helmets

Helm adalah suatu keharusan bagi semua pekerja. Helm dapat digunakan di banyak industri, tidak hanya konstruksi. Helm melindungi kepala Anda dari cedera dan mencegah cedera kepala. Jika Anda memakai helm dengan benar, itu bisa menyelamatkan hidup Anda! Anda harus selalu memakai helm ketika Anda bekerja di bidang konstruksi. Hal ini terutama berlaku jika Anda memanjat tangga atau perancah, mengoperasikan mesin berat, atau bekerja di dekat saluran listrik. Pekerja konstruksi memiliki tingkat cedera kepala dan rawat inap tertinggi di antara industri lainnya.

Masker Resperator

Respirator masker adalah perangkat yang menyaring udara. Alat ini …

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Beberapa Jasa yang Dihadirkan Digital Marketing Agency

Saat ini, bisnis tidak lagi bisa sekedar menggunakan media pemasaran fisik. Walau memang masih banyak media pemasaran fisik dengan poster, baliho, dan media iklan lainnya, banyak perusahaan yang kemudian mulai beralih ke pemasaran digital. Tak dapat dipungkiri bahwa perkembangan internet dan dunia digital membuka peluang dan kesempatan lebih besar untuk mengupayakan pemasaran yang lebih efektif. Lebih lagi, sebagian orang menghabiskan waktu beberapa jam setiap harinya di media sosial dan platform digital lainnya dengan memanfaatkan jaringan internet. Namun, proses dan strategi pemasaran tentu tidak bisa dibuat dengan mudah. Untuk itu, kehadiran ChubbyRawit sebagai Creative & Digital Marketing Agency menjadi solusi yang tepat. Ada deretan jasa yang nantinya tentu diperlukan untuk mengupayakan hasil optimal dari strategi dan upaya pemasaran yang ada.

Social Media Management

Ini merupakan salah satu jasa yang dihadirkan oleh agensi pemasaran digital tersebut. Media sosial seperti Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, hingga Tiktok dan Youtube banyak diakses setiap harinya. Tak hanya …

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Do Female Doctors Need It

Disability insurance has become more important for women than for males for a variety of reasons, but the primary one is that insurance companies are more likely to pay claims for women and to do so considerably earlier in life.

Insurance firms have shown that women are more likely than males to seek medical attention. In addition, women are more likely to get payments on claims for a longer length of time. Men’s life expectancies are also shorter than women’s (that is why women get better rates than men when it comes to Life Insurance).

The Effects of Disability on a Family’s Budget

The first is the financial hardship that a handicap may bring about. According to research by an American college, more than 50% of female doctors think that if they become incapacitated, the effect on the family’s finances would be catastrophic and they would not have enough cash …

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