Here’s Why Travel Insurance Should be Essential Part of Your Checklist

Travel is a liberating experience for many. It helps to know about new cultures, cuisines and people who think differently. It can be a refreshing to know about new places which is why people enjoy travelling. For that, one can meticulously plan their itinerary and all the travel destinations. Be it work or leisure, planning is essential for travels. But more often than not, a travel insurance policy is overlooked in the planning process. Any inconvenience in a foreign land can often be mentally as well as financially stressful. Thus, it is of prime importance to buy travel insurance online. This article elucidates on the reasons why it is essential in the trip planning process:

1. Protects in times of unexpected medical contingencies

Despite thorough planning, a medical emergency can never be predicted. It is one of the most vulnerable things that bring stress, especially on foreign soil. Moreover, a medical emergency during travel not only ruins travel plan, but also brings additional financial stress; all of it at a time away from home. In addition, medical treatment overseas is generally three to five times expensive straining financial resources back home. A travel insurance policy helps to mitigate these treatment costs. Some plans do it in a cashless way, while a few other reimburse the expense; either way, one is covered. Coverage for medical situations can especially come handy for elderly travellers, and thus travel insurance for senior citizens must be purchased. * Standard T&C Apply

2. Confidant in foreign location

Travel insurance offer round the clock customer support for any claims made. This acts like a friend in need, that too in a new location. Not just medical emergencies, but also travel related support is available using a travel insurance policy. A travel policy assures of immediate assistance for lost documents, emergency evacuation and even medical situations.

3. Cover for personal liability

Travel policies also offer personal liability coverage where the insured, if ends up incurring a legal liability can be compensated for. Such liability can may be as a result on involuntary action but having legal consequences. Personal liability coverage includes third-party legal cover too. * Standard T&C Apply

4. Travel related emergencies

International travels always require carrying a passport wherever one goes. Losing such an important document can often mean unnecessary hassles all your trip. Similarly, loss of baggage, flight cancellation or rescheduling, delay owing to bad weather leading to trip cancellation and many such situations can spoil travel plans. With a travel insurance cover, financial compensation for these glitches can be sought. In addition, some insurers compensate for visa fees in case of a rejection. Thus, it is best to buy a travel insurance policy to have peace of mind against these uncertain and unexpected scenarios. * Standard T&C Apply

5. Compulsory requirement

Different countries have different requirements when it comes to travel insurance policies. Some are indifferent, while a few others mandatorily law down the requirement of having one. Thus, if visiting such a nation, it is best to buy a travel insurance cover for immigration compliance.

These are some ways how a travel insurance benefits, and which is why it is essential in the travel itinerary. Also, understanding what is travel insurance and then buying a policy that fits coverage proves to be helpful.

Please note, insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.