Everything You Need to Know About Car Theft Claim Process

Being a car owner is doubtlessly a matter of pride; but at the same time, it brings some responsibilities and risks also. Other than natural disasters, the car has a big risk of being stolen. A car insurance plan can prove to be of great help in such a case. But for that, it is highly recommended that the car owner needs to know how to claim the insurance in case the car is stolen.

Car insurance is definitely important

Although, there are ample security devices offered by various makers and people also get the car to keep at a safe place, but still, there is a risk of being it stolen. If one knows the process of claim in the event of car theft, it can be much easier for him at a specific time of car stolen. Here are some vital pieces of information that can help the car owners to cope up the situation of a car being stolen.

One must remember that if he has a Comprehensive Insurance Plan, the service provider can offer the IDV of the car as a part of the claim of car theft. Firstly, one need not panic if the car is stolen providing it was protected by an insurance plan. One needs to handle the situation with a cool mind and see what all can be done.

The process for a claim for car theft

  • Lodge a FIR: As soon as one comes to know that the car is stolen, he needs to report the same to the nearest police station, without wasting any time. It is not to recover the car only but also to meet the requirements of an insurance claim. One needs to file a FIR at the concerned police station and provide all necessary documents for the same.
  • Talk to the service provider: As soon as the FIR is lodged, one needs to talk to the service provider. One can call on the customer care or visit the nearest branch of the concerned insurance provider. The company will initiate the process as a part of the procedure. It may need some documents also in support of claim such as insurance policy, papers of the vehicle and copy of FIR. One needs to keep these documents and handy and provide them to the service provider for the claim process.
  • Visit the RTO: The next step is to visit the concerned RTO and update the officer on duty about the event. Here, one needs to provide the papers of the car as well as other documents as asked by the department for further action.
  • The documentation: The moment one finds the incident of car theft, he needs to collect all the relevant documents for the process of insurer, police department as well as RTO. These documents include the copy of FIR in original, Policy documents, claim form with the sign of the owner, driving license copy, RC book copy and Transfer paper of RTO with the forms such as 28 and 29 as well as 30 and 35 whichever is applicable.
  • Have a copy of No-Trace Report: This report can be availed from the concerned police station where it is mentioned that the concerned vehicle is no more traceable.

These documents are necessary to file a claim in the event of car theft. As soon as the insurer is informed about the incident, it has experts for the same. They would investigate the incident to find the stolen car. The experts here can also be helpful in getting the necessary documents from the relevant police station. Once the process is done, one needs to keep patience as it takes around 60 days for investigation and process.

For this reason, the best option is to wait and let the process complete, entirely from the end of police as well as the insurer. If after 90 days of FIR the car is not found, the insurer will take it to further level where the amount of IDV is paid to the client. Hence the right process and presence of mind can help you overcome this painful situation. One needs to follow these steps to have the claim process done easily and then wait for the insurer to play his role. It is the step by step process that can only help if the car is stolen.