Best plugins for speeding up your website in 2021

The leading topic in the field of WordPress is how to speed up a website. Constantly working on new features of plugins or improving existing ones will make significant changes connected to this topic. Problems that occur with the speed of WordPress can be very problematic. There are many reasons why you would choose to ensure a better loading speed of your website. Faster loading makes indexing easier, affects overall SEO, improves the user experience, users are more likely to stay longer on your page than the page that loads slowly, and improves your page’s better visibility on mobile devices. Many plugins would help you with this, and how they “do” their job you can read below.

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WP Reset

It is essential to find out what is causing your page to slow down. Page size, images that are not correctly optimized for your website, poorly coded plugins, not being able to serve a cached page, or perhaps tools and ads designed to load fonts are just some of the factors that can affect the speed of your website. How to solve these problems? You can get the solution installing a WordPress plugin called WP Reset to reset WordPress. It offers many features, which can be of great use, including deleting files, data, or any other information entered on the page. Launching this plugin, you can select other unnecessary plugins, themes, or pieces of information that slow down the page and delete them in just a few easy steps. An additional option, called Nuclear reset, has a more aggressive impact on the website because it deletes absolutely everything, up to the most harmless files.

WP Rocket

The plugin that takes all the attention in terms of speeding up the website is WP Rocket. It is one of the best WordPress caching plugins available on the market. It offers features such as cache preloading, import/export setup, version restore, optimizing your page, improving your website’s speed, etc. It is easy to use and does not require more extensive knowledge of WordPress than some basic things, making it ideal for beginners. You can not buy it for free, but also you get all the features you need in just one tool.

W3 Total Cache

Compared to the previous plugin, this plugin is the most popular for caching. This plugin’s features are caching of pages and objects, gzip compression, CDN support, etc. What puts it far ahead of other plugins is its framework. All of the mentioned benefits, if used correctly, will speed up the loading and operation of your website. Proof of W3 Total Cache’s popularity and functionality is the six-digit number of websites that use this plugin.

Behind over 30% of websites that exist, today stands WordPress. It can be a massive problem for ordinary users who do not have enough knowledge and experience in this field. The previous list of plugins might be helpful to you if you choose the right one. Each of the plugins has its advantages, and where it would perform better than the other, it is up to you to evaluate what is best for your website.