social media analytics

Social media trends are a parameter in the online world that continually changes with time. As these trends change, your company’s online presence will be leveraged and kept in place by the advancement of its technological advancement. With these changes, social media tracking becomes inevitably more critical. Let us check out the monitoring tools that have made it on top of the list in 2020.

What Does NetBaseQuid Offer?

Before then, let us take a quick peek on what to look for in social media analytics tools.These are the social media monitoring options offered by NetBaseQuid that sets them apart from other companies.

Their social media tracking tools are user friendly but hard to tamper with sharing capabilities, tracking media mentions, and top-notch advertising comprehension. Additionally, NetBaseQuid offers collaboration from influencers, manages content in all dimensions, and creates and manages benchmarks for all online brand-related activities.

How Social Media Monitoring Promotes Your Brand

As earlier stated, these monitoring tools are now and then evolving alongside consumers. It is one thing for a brand to be authentic but yet another thing for it to address current market trends. The following are ways in which social media tracking promotes your brand:

Spotlighting social trends even before they go mainstream.

Finds it hard to get genuine influencers who promote your brand offline.

Creation of reliable, needed, and engaging content.

Monitoring competitors by looking into what they have been into to help predict their next move.

Top Social Media Analytics Tools

When selecting the best social media monitoring tools, keep in mind that the selected tools will either uplift or degrade the brand. You need to understand that each tool partly exists on its own and partly is influenced by the functioning of the other tool. Consider if the tool offers compatibility and integration to other tools or if the tool has too much of everything that it loses its primary goal. You need the following tools to thrive in the social media world.


A Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence-powered platform. It combines multiple parameters in its analytics; social listening, social monitoring, image analysis, competitive analysis, influencer identification, and crisis response. It is by far one of the best test drives to help you finish up the 2020 campaigns. You are only required to request a demo from their website.


Audience has features that help in brand creation, monitoring, and improvement of conversions in social media. They best fit startups by connecting them with sponsors and new customers. A networking form of business. Its average annual subscription is $700 per month.


This is a social media monitoring tool tailored explicitly for Instagram. It costs $49 per month. It helps draw more followers by focusing on followers of similar accounts and liking their posts. The only drawback made, though, is that they assume that the Instagram users will check each other and follow each other. It is a low budget tool for small companies with little resources.


This social media monitoring tool helps monitor conversations on social media platforms, integrate them under similar topics as per their similarity index, and later consolidate the conversations in one inbox. It is also an essential tool in tagging content to monitor competitors. Its price is set at about $89 per month. Additionally, it has a feature of scheduling, rescheduling, and queuing brands to appear at a specified time. It saves a ton of time by its great time-saving features.

NetBaseQuid is more than ready to embrace your brand and help promote it to the next level. You only need to choose wisely as per your resources and needs. Remember to observe, strategize, and execute.