Beauty Magnifying Lamps: Choosing the Right Type for Your Beauty Salon

Beauty Magnifying Lamps

Magnifying lamps are to beauticians what stethoscopes are to doctors. Beauty magnifying lamps give that extraordinarily clear view of your work area up to 175%. Add that to impeccable color rendering, shadowless light, and distinctly precise focus on the treatment area, and they are absolute gems to every beautician.

Useful as they are, shopping for these lamps isn’t so easy. Sometimes, it takes genuine recommendations to get the right lamp where otherwise, buyers may fall victim to poor choices.

Checklist of the perfect beauty magnifying lamp

  1. Lens – The regular three diopter lamps are fans’ favorites, as they are in popular demand. You can also choose lamps with additional lenses just in case you’ll need higher magnification on a job. Whatever your choice, crystal clear magnification is a non-negotiable factor.
  2. Head – Go for a movable head that is also easy-to-use and can be positioned with one hand.
  3. Light – Beauty magnifying lamps are so-called due to good lighting. Which means poorly lit lamps are not an option. If possible, ask for advanced LED lamps with amplified brightness, great color rendering, and shadow-free magnification. A dimmer is an important, but not necessary feature but automatic shut-off buttons are desirable.
  4. Body – All-metal lamps come in great ergonomic and durable designs.
  5. Arm – Like the head, the arm should be light, movable, and easily adjustable. It should have a fastening knob for proper positioning.
  6. Knobs – While these are great options, you may prefer the self-tightening types in the market.
  7. Portability – Mobility and detachability are desirable qualities of a great beauty magnifying lamp. And where you have to jettison one quality for another, let it be portability as you can always buy separate stands on which you can mount the lamp.
  8. Service – Lamp must be of an FDA-accredited origin. Always confirm the packaging.

Step-by-step use

Before skin treatment, the skin must be free of makeup. Facial steaming is a great way to open up the pores and boost circulation. Skin analysis can now commence with a well-lit beauty magnifying lamp to expose inaccessible and problematic skin areas that require medical attention.

Proper magnification ensures that you rid the skin of impurities (from acne, whiteheads, and blackheads) without damaging the skin structure. Skin damage is quite minimal because of the unobstructed view from the lamp, leading to accurate and precise treatment.

As long as the lamp is turned on, facials cannot proceed without covering the client’s eyes with an eye pad. Even with the protection, beauticians must warn the client about lights to prevent eye damage. During skin analysis, move the head generously to get different views and angles, hence the importance of a flexible head.

You may discuss your findings with your clients during the procedure while highlighting possible treatments for the skin condition. And if there is a mole, skin infection, or an irregular irritation or sensitivity that requires extra attention, refer them to an aesthetician or a dermatologist.