Applications That Can Transform Your Academic Life

Whether you are a high school student or a college student pursuing your education at one of the prestigious universities of the world, studying efficiently is vital for each one of you to maintain your grades and pass your assessments with flying colors.

I am sure that all of us at one point or the other might have heard that education is the most crucial aspect of our lives. Honestly, I definitely second that statement but let’s be real, studying often tends to get monotonous and boring. Therefore, in order to study efficiently in today’s technology-driven era, the experts recommend the students to focus more on studying smart rather than focusing on studying hard. myassignmenthelpau as the platform is well-known among students to get Assignment Help.

Now you might be thinking what exactly do I mean by study smart?  Well, you can take this up in quite some ways actually. One of the most important and common way to approach smart studying is by using relevant applications on your smartphones. Be it revising for your upcoming test, staying fit, staying focused, taking notes, or managing your time there is an application for almost all the purposes.

Now you might be thinking which applications I am blabbing about. Just be a little patient amigo as this article is bound to help you with the details of the most helpful applications that can come handy for you to study efficiently and make the most out of the technology in your hand.

Different types of applications that can make the life of a student convenient

1.Applications for recording lectures

Although we agree that it is important to take notes during a lecture, unfortunately, students often end up just scribbling on their notebooks like maniacs rather than focusing on the concept being explained. The reason behind this being the fear to miss out on an important detail. With the advent of technology, several lecture recording applications are introduced on both Android and IOS platforms. These applications allow a student to capture the lecture and get back to it again easily while making notes about the topic. The introduction of such applications on your smartphone prevents you from spending thousands on expensive recording equipment.

Some of the reliable lecture recording applications are:

Notes Plus: Suitable for recording good quality audio in the lecture.

SoundNote: Suitable for recording audio of the lecture.

Office Lens: Suitable for capturing a whiteboard and converting its content into PDF format for revising in the future.

2.Applications to help you sort that bibliography like a pro

If you have ever spent hours preparing a well-structured reference list you will understand the pain a student has to go through for citing his paper accurately and ensuring that all the references are present at the right places. An application that can make the process a lot more bearable for a student is the myassignmenthelpau.’ The application is designed to form a professional reference of any book or journal the student has used in his assignment simply by a quick scan of their barcode. ‘myassignmenthelpau also allows a student to choose the referencing style in which he wants to add the references in his bibliography. The application supports APA, Chicago, and MLA referencing methods. This application makes it easy for students to include professional references in their right up without much hassle.

3.Applications to help you stay focused during your study session

There are several students out there who simply get distracted with the other applications on their smartphones while they tend to apply the smart study approach. I agree that it is easier said than done, but id you’re facing the same issue you can put in some efforts to install an application Blocker app that can help you to avoid particular applications for a specific time period to help you stay focused at least during your study sessions. You can use the Plagiarism Checker tool for checking plagiarism.

These applications can come quite handy especially in today’s scenario when education has completely taken an online seat. Some of the applications that you can use to stay focused during your study sessions are:

Stay focused:  Allows you to block applications for a set timeframe unless you undo the process.

AppBlock: Helps you to block certain applications for a set duration. This application also blocks notifications of the applications you’ve disabled.

4.Applications to help you stay organized

There are several experts who state that organization is the path to be successful in your academic career and this is the reason why student planner applications have gained immense popularity amongst the youth for the past some years. These applications help a student to stay organized and also allows him to play a responsible role in saving the environment by saving on paper. These applications send reminder notifications or alerts to your devices for an upcoming session or test.

Some of the popular student planner applications you can install to stay organized are:

Class time table

My class schedule

Time table 

All of these applications allow a student to easily map out his everyday schedule and get reminders for important entries.

5.Applications to help you prepare smartly for the assessments

There are several smartphone applications that are introduced to assist the students with their exam preparations and even for the higher study assessments such as the MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, and the GRE exam. The applications are widely used by the student population to prepare for their upcoming assessments like a pro.

Some of the applications that can help you to prepare for your exams efficiently are:

TCY Exam Prep: The application focuses on students pursuing their education in the field of business. It provides relevant resources to prepare for examinations in the field of MBA, CET, GATE, and multiple banking examinations.

BenchPrep: This application follows a social networking pattern and allows the student to get in touch with other students who are taking the same test and also provides them with revision material, quizzes, notes, and several other resources. At the same time, the application also assists the students in tracking their learning progress.

Apart from these hi-tech applications, there are some basic smartphone applications as well that a student should always have in his smartphones such as an Oxford English dictionary, Dropbox for mobile, skout, and a thesaurus.

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