Accidental Blogger and Influencer Wannabe

I started blogging accidentally by 2010, And I didn’t think that it would last long for more than a decade up to now. I mean, I blogged before because I joined the contest on social media and I won some local and foreign competition which involves travel and much more. I will not mention it, but you may use a search engine to search my name Jayson Biadog.

After that blog, web, and social media contest. I became addicted to blogging itself. I got access to exclusive and sporting events inside and outside the country. I wish it was Superbowl, Nascar, F1, World Cup, NBA finals, or MGM Grand boxing or UFC. But who knows sometime later yeah? Guess what? I’ve been to some of those exciting events sometimes in my life. Seeing those live in the bleacher or paddock club.

Looking back to those glorious years before the pandemic, I would ask myself how did I do those hard things again? And then said to me – I’d like to do it over and over again. Although it is really hard – thinking that there’s a media politics, pain, tears, sacrifice, connections, and even tons of money involved.

I got a chance to experience different cars and gadgets from the UK and other side of the world. I mean a lot of perks from imported watch to watch accessories deliver to my doorstep. Although some cars, cellphones, and gadgets are just borrowed that need to be returned after several days or weeks.

The downside is that you develop a certain attachment to a certain brand or thing. As if you owned it and it breaks your heart slowly when the time comes to return. But still, you’ve got the privilege to experience it first, first hand before it goes out in the market.

Being an influencer or blogger doesn’t only mean perks or a great life. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your time and devotion to meet the work deadline. You need to do further research and study how to improve your craft. And constantly adjusting yourself to become relevant to the new trend. Else you will be left behind by the competition and trending topics or lifestyle new media cool trends.

I was inspired by several bloggers, influencers, and media personalities who seem to travel and lot. I mean every week different country and cool luxury places and gadgets on the planet. And doing elbow to elbow and actual conversation with celebrities, Hollywood, world champions, and business executives. Wow!

It’s really funny how this cool media presenter and influencer deliver their articles online and on TV. Like as cool and smooth as Bourdain, Gordon, Morgan, Blondie, and Clarkson. From food, politics, travel to luxury and cars.

These people are truly awesome amazingly know exactly how to excite people by simply watching their youtube channel, pay-per-view shows, or reading their blogs! Although sometimes you may consider it hard because theirs a few partnerships coming in. I admit it was not easy you need to work hard to earn those invites and perks over the years.

This is not my primary source of income as I was employed by several BPO companies for the past 16 years. I’m not considering it as profitable, as when they say quit your job and travel the world. That’s an irony because the thing is that you need to work hard every day or every hour to earn your keep. Influencer may boost the business profit or even a key to won a national election seat.