7 Top Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System Manufacturers

With the world changing, one day at a time, there are many new evolutions, developments and ideas that turn up everyday. Be it a venture into space, be it feminism or be it a simple mobile phone, it all exists because of there exists a need for them. Similarly, the fast-paced lives of individuals and their lifestyle patterns has made the environment change quite a bit.

Rise in plastic consumption, release of toxic gases by automobiles, dumping of waste and spread of diseases have all been a common concern for mankind in the 21st century. All of these are linked with one single problem, the problem of pollution. Pollution that leads to climate change, global warming, health issues and degradation of the environment.

The monster: Air Pollution

Air pollution is said to be the highly widespread across the globe, all thanks to the rising population levels and industrial emissions. What makes air pollution more dangerous is that it can never be made limited to a certain area or be monitored by the naked eye. Think about it, one can know a lake is dirty just by looking at the water but that is not how air pollution works.

If you can’t know its polluted, then how can you combat it? Well, there is a way of knowing the status of air quality around you, a tool used by most environmentalist and organisations. Air quality monitoring systems are installed at necessary locations which can sample the air around and give the requisite data about different levels of gases, temperature, humidity and particles in the air.

However, before you go around ordering an ambient air quality monitoring system, one must know where to look, considering the importance of such a system to protect your own health first. There are many ambient air quality monitoring system manufacturers that you can chose from, all offering different set of pros and cons –

1.      Oizom

Oizom exists as the smart provider of air quality monitoring systems, being ahead in technology and implementation for a high-tech model. The system not only has a specialised data storage network but also has additional services like notifications, mobile app and customer care centre. Whatever happens and wherever you are, with Oizom’s real-time data and 3-level calibration, knowing how the pollution level is and what can be done to reduce it shouldn’t be a difficult task.

2.      Chemtrols

As an ambient air quality monitoring system manufacturer, chemtrols has a device with its own pollution board. After collecting information, the data can be easily procured by transfer over a wireless network. Its rare air analyser covers Benzene, Toluene and Xylene particulate content, something which many other monitors fail to analyse. Chemtrols ensures to follow US EPA standards and makes the product highly user-friendly, for both corporates and individuals.

3.      Ecotech

The uniqueness in Ecotech as an ambient air quality monitoring system manufacturer is the wide variety of shelters available for the system, be it a compact one, a fixed one or a less power usage option, everything is easily available on order. It has meteorological sensors which are well set-up in shelters, ensuring the monitoring system is protected from all natural weather calamities, right from the heat to a cyclone. Known to be a key player in India as well as national markets, it believes in strength in diversity.

4.      Opsis

Existing as an ambient air quality monitoring system manufacturer since the early 1980’s, Opsis brings in a huge amount of experience in the industry as its USP. The system is mobile, can analyse the data and also work on presenting it for further use, while also figuring out the possible sources of the pollution. Standard gases, particulate matter and weather conditions can be measured with additional customisable options available on demand. Infact, Opsis offers the complete solution system as a subscription service to users.

5.      Rave Innovations

Known to simultaneously monitor PM2.5 and PM10 level particles, it gives real time data access that can be easily sent to websites online. Used for forest and Kerb side air quality monitoring along with outdoor and urban areas, it works to provide an amazing sensor life and compact system that comes with a warranty and all necessary accessories. A lot of cost savings is what rare innovation looks at.

6.      Envirotech

With presence in more than 15 countries, it was founded by an IIT Alumni back in 1982. Ever since then it has worked to bring innovation and growth to the air monitor system industry. The entire model is fully automatic with a power backup, in case a situation of need arises. It combines dust, gaseous and meteorological monitoring in one integrated system to allow users to receive a complete system without any hassle.

7.      Aeroqual

With clients like Samsung, Aeroqual is known for being an ambient air quality system manufacturer that gives both outdoor and indoor air quality systems at budget pricing. Their products are highly used in smart city projects where various models like AQM 65, AQS 1 etc are chosen from. Aeroqual is one brand that provides so many system options to any user scrolling through their website.

Wrapping up!

Each provider has a different cost strategy which depends on the product, the additional services and the uniqueness. Opt for a manufacturer that fits your budget but also do not compromise on the need for a good quality system to safeguard your health and the entire environment around you.

Moreover, go for a tried and tested approach, to see the mobility, agility and scalability of any system. Environmentalists usually look for equipment that can be moved around in an area, be connected to other computers and can last long in bad weather conditions. While for personal indoor monitoring, a compact and all-rounded remote access system would also be enough. Hence, read, learn and then take a decision.