7 Top Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System Manufacturers

With the world changing, one day at a time, there are many new evolutions, developments and ideas that turn up everyday. Be it a venture into space, be it feminism or be it a simple mobile phone, it all exists because of there exists a need for them. Similarly, the fast-paced lives of individuals and their lifestyle patterns has made the environment change quite a bit.

Rise in plastic consumption, release of toxic gases by automobiles, dumping of waste and spread of diseases have all been a common concern for mankind in the 21st century. All of these are linked with one single problem, the problem of pollution. Pollution that leads to climate change, global warming, health issues and degradation of the environment.

The monster: Air Pollution

Air pollution is said to be the highly widespread across the globe, all thanks to the rising population levels and industrial emissions. What makes air pollution more dangerous is that it can never be made limited to a certain area or be monitored by the naked eye. Think about it, one can know a lake is dirty just by looking at the water but that is not how air pollution works.

If you can’t know its polluted, then how can you combat it? Well, there is a way of knowing the status of air quality around you, a tool used by most environmentalist and organisations. Air quality monitoring systems are installed at necessary locations which can sample the air around and give the requisite data about different levels of gases, temperature, humidity and particles in the air.

However, before you go around ordering an ambient air quality monitoring system, one must know where to look, considering the importance of such a system to protect your own health first. There are many ambient air quality monitoring system manufacturers that you can chose from, all offering different set of pros and cons –

1.      Oizom

Oizom exists as the smart provider of air quality monitoring systems, being ahead in technology and implementation for a high-tech model. The system not only has a specialised data storage network but also has additional services like notifications, mobile app and customer care centre. Whatever happens and wherever you are, with Oizom’s real-time data and 3-level calibration, knowing how the pollution level is and what can be done to reduce it shouldn’t be a difficult task.

2.      Chemtrols

As an ambient air quality monitoring system manufacturer, chemtrols has a device with its own pollution board. After collecting information, the data can be easily procured by transfer over a wireless network. Its rare air analyser covers Benzene, Toluene and Xylene particulate content, something which many other monitors fail to analyse. Chemtrols ensures to follow US EPA standards and makes the product highly user-friendly, for both corporates and individuals.

3.      Ecotech

The uniqueness in Ecotech as an ambient air quality monitoring system manufacturer is the wide variety of shelters available for the system, be it a compact one, a fixed one or a less power usage option, everything is easily available on order. It has meteorological sensors which are well set-up in shelters, ensuring the monitoring system is protected from all natural weather calamities, right from the heat to a cyclone. Known to be a key player in India as well as national markets, it believes in strength in diversity.

4.      Opsis

Existing as an ambient air quality monitoring system manufacturer since the early 1980’s, Opsis brings in a huge amount of experience in the industry as its USP. The system is mobile, can analyse the data and also work on presenting it for further use, while also figuring out the possible sources of the pollution. Standard gases, particulate matter and weather conditions can be measured with additional customisable options available on demand. Infact, Opsis offers the complete solution system as a subscription service to users.

5.      Rave Innovations

Known to simultaneously monitor PM2.5 and PM10 level particles, it gives real time data access that can be easily sent to websites online. Used for forest and Kerb side air quality monitoring along with outdoor and urban areas, it works to provide an amazing sensor life and compact system that comes with a warranty and all necessary accessories. A lot of cost savings is what rare innovation looks at.

6.      Envirotech

With presence in more than 15 countries, it was founded by an IIT Alumni back in 1982. Ever since then it has worked to bring innovation and growth to the air monitor system industry. The entire model is fully automatic with a power backup, in case a situation of need arises. It combines dust, gaseous and meteorological monitoring in one integrated system to allow users to receive a complete system without any hassle.

7.      Aeroqual

With clients like Samsung, Aeroqual is known for being an ambient air quality system manufacturer that gives both outdoor and indoor air quality systems at budget pricing. Their products are highly used in smart city projects where various models like AQM 65, AQS 1 etc are chosen from. Aeroqual is one brand that provides so many system options to any user scrolling through their website.

Wrapping up!

Each provider has a different cost strategy which depends on the product, the additional services and the uniqueness. Opt for a manufacturer that fits your budget but also do not compromise on the need for a good quality system to safeguard your health and the entire environment around you.

Moreover, go for a tried and tested approach, to see the mobility, agility and scalability of any system. Environmentalists usually look for equipment that can be moved around in an area, be connected to other computers and can last long in bad weather conditions. While for personal indoor monitoring, a compact and all-rounded remote access system would also be enough. Hence, read, learn and then take a decision.

This Engineer is Bringing a Whole New Level to Forex Trading

Engineers are a unique breed. Shoaib Ghauri would know, because he’s an engineer. Engineers look at the world differently than most, usually through the lens of identifying and solving problems.

When he got into Forex seven years ago, Shoaib noticed several glaring problems that caused 90% of Forex traders to fail. So, he decided to use his engineering expertise to solve them.

Here’s what he discovered:

The overwhelming majority of Forex traders fail because two core issues:

  • Greed — The prospect of bigger gains causes them to bite off more than they can chew
  • Lack of knowledge — There is too much clutter and misinformation surrounding Forex trading that most people don’t know what’s right and what’s not.

And while most people wouldn’t think that either of these could be solved through thoughtful engineering, he was determined to not only make it possible, but make it a teachable reality to help others.

How One Engineer Solved Greed and Knowledge Challenges in Forex Trading

Shoaib’s first objective: figure out why greed and lack of knowledge are problems in the first place.

There’s a certain allure to Forex trading that has people seeing dollar signs. There’s huge potential for ROI here, and many people end up trading any asset that looks appealing to them instead of actually doing research as to what works. This can be a great strategy to make money quickly, but without knowledge and research, it’s just not sustainable and they lose it all shortly after.

Those who do try to research and learn face another major problem: the inability to distinguish good information from misinformation.

Shoaib researched a lot when he started Forex. Back in these days, not much was available online, so he started meeting with successful traders in the industry in an attempt to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Nowadays, when you look up Forex in search engines, you find tons of clutter, misconceptions, and outdated methodologies. They serve no real purpose other than gaining social media attention.

Knowing this, Shoaib reversed engineered the problems that general retail traders have, which allowed him to filter the methods that actually work, backed up by solid proof.

The solution to greed AND knowledge is simple:  Have a realistic long-term plan and realistic monthly targets to meet. This allows you to eliminate greed because you already have the long-term outcome planned. You’re not chasing all the shiny new opportunities that don’t really fit within your goals or might be too risky.

My Solution: Accuracy Based Trading

Shoaib Ghauri invented Accuracy Based Trading using the methodologies from his own research.

Usually when people enter a trade, it goes in the negative straight away and they are inclined to hold their trade for much longer than expected. As you can already guess, this is not a profitable way of looking at the markets, since you are holding losses for a long period of time and therefore risking a large chunk of your capital.

With accuracy-based trading, we know whether we are right or wrong within the first few movements after entering a trade. This allows us to cut our loss quickly in case our analysis is incorrect. But when we get it right, we can maximise our capitalization potential by profiting for much more than what we would initially risk.

Shoaib Ghauri, CEO of Come Learn Forex, is sharing his simple solution in a course called Come Learn Forex – Accuracy Based Trading that will allow retail traders to capitalize consistently and accurately instead of blindly throwing themselves in deep water, without proper prior knowledge.

When he broke it down, Shoaib found out that there are only two types of market movers: retail traders and institutional traders (banks). The way he structures the Come Learn Forex course allows retail traders to follow institutional traders’ movements with mathematical proof, solidly backed up by his students’ results that confirm how his methodologies work.

According to Shoaib, the main reason that retail traders fail is because they follow 90% of other retail traders, who have little to no education in price speculation, and therefore fail, losing 90% of their account in typically a period of less than or around 90 days.

His goal is to build Come Learn Forex into one of the largest educational providers by developing a whole new ‘breed’ of traders, referred to as ‘Accuracy Based Traders’. For his most successful students, he also provides the opportunity to trade for his proprietary fund – CLF Capital.

Visit ComeLearnForex to see his groundbreaking methodology in action.

Everything You Need to Know About Car Theft Claim Process

Being a car owner is doubtlessly a matter of pride; but at the same time, it brings some responsibilities and risks also. Other than natural disasters, the car has a big risk of being stolen. A car insurance plan can prove to be of great help in such a case. But for that, it is highly recommended that the car owner needs to know how to claim the insurance in case the car is stolen.

Car insurance is definitely important

Although, there are ample security devices offered by various makers and people also get the car to keep at a safe place, but still, there is a risk of being it stolen. If one knows the process of claim in the event of car theft, it can be much easier for him at a specific time of car stolen. Here are some vital pieces of information that can help the car owners to cope up the situation of a car being stolen.

One must remember that if he has a Comprehensive Insurance Plan, the service provider can offer the IDV of the car as a part of the claim of car theft. Firstly, one need not panic if the car is stolen providing it was protected by an insurance plan. One needs to handle the situation with a cool mind and see what all can be done.

The process for a claim for car theft

  • Lodge a FIR: As soon as one comes to know that the car is stolen, he needs to report the same to the nearest police station, without wasting any time. It is not to recover the car only but also to meet the requirements of an insurance claim. One needs to file a FIR at the concerned police station and provide all necessary documents for the same.
  • Talk to the service provider: As soon as the FIR is lodged, one needs to talk to the service provider. One can call on the customer care or visit the nearest branch of the concerned insurance provider. The company will initiate the process as a part of the procedure. It may need some documents also in support of claim such as insurance policy, papers of the vehicle and copy of FIR. One needs to keep these documents and handy and provide them to the service provider for the claim process.
  • Visit the RTO: The next step is to visit the concerned RTO and update the officer on duty about the event. Here, one needs to provide the papers of the car as well as other documents as asked by the department for further action.
  • The documentation: The moment one finds the incident of car theft, he needs to collect all the relevant documents for the process of insurer, police department as well as RTO. These documents include the copy of FIR in original, Policy documents, claim form with the sign of the owner, driving license copy, RC book copy and Transfer paper of RTO with the forms such as 28 and 29 as well as 30 and 35 whichever is applicable.
  • Have a copy of No-Trace Report: This report can be availed from the concerned police station where it is mentioned that the concerned vehicle is no more traceable.

These documents are necessary to file a claim in the event of car theft. As soon as the insurer is informed about the incident, it has experts for the same. They would investigate the incident to find the stolen car. The experts here can also be helpful in getting the necessary documents from the relevant police station. Once the process is done, one needs to keep patience as it takes around 60 days for investigation and process.

For this reason, the best option is to wait and let the process complete, entirely from the end of police as well as the insurer. If after 90 days of FIR the car is not found, the insurer will take it to further level where the amount of IDV is paid to the client. Hence the right process and presence of mind can help you overcome this painful situation. One needs to follow these steps to have the claim process done easily and then wait for the insurer to play his role. It is the step by step process that can only help if the car is stolen.

How Long Does the Translation Services in Dubai Take?

Deadline for the services of Translation Dubai to deliver the result with quality varies; avoid leaving for the last hour.

Certainly counting on the services of a translation company was on your schedule when deciding to do an exchange, take foreign citizenship or close the report to the client. Now, the deadline is very close, and you need the translated material as soon as possible.

This is the situation that translators face when negotiating a job. Before stipulating the delivery date and even the price of the service, the professional needs to evaluate the material, taking into account factors such as urgency of demand, number of words and technical capacity to perform the work.

In general, simple translations with few pages can be ready in up to two business days. Already certified translations or techniques require more careful translation company because they have to enable a professional suitable to accomplish the task, and it may take around five working days to translate a few pages.

Now, if the translation you need is too long, like a complete book, for example, the time to do the work increases. To fulfill this mission with quality and within a shorter period of time, many times more than one translator participates in the process, and another professional evaluates the result to guarantee the cohesion and coherence of the text.

It is worth remembering that translations into English and Spanish have a greater number of competent professionals working in the market. French, German and Italian translators are rarer, and those with knowledge in languages ​​such as Russian, Greek and Armenian, for example, are very difficult to find and have a greater number of requests to handle, which can delay your plans.


Sometimes it is inevitable to ask the translation company for the service only at the last minute. It may happen that you didn’t know about the need for translation before, or the service became necessary only at that moment, or you just forgot to ask for a quote in advance.

However, if this happens, know that you run the risk of not being able to have your material translated in time. Some companies have the practice of charging an urgent fee, but depending on what you need, it is still not possible to make a commitment.

In order not to count on luck, it is best to prevent yourself. Find out some tips that will facilitate the work of translators and ensure that your translation is done on time:

  • If you are preparing to do an exchange, be aware that you will need to carry out certified translations of undergraduate degrees or courses.
  • To acquire foreign citizenship, depending on nationality, you will need to carry out a simple and certified translation of a series of documents, such as birth, marriage and death certificates.
  • Make your request by email, with the file to be translated attached. As it is essential for the translator to analyze the material before the deadline, this simple attitude will prevent you from becoming frustrated after calling the place and receiving guidance.
  • Whenever you need translation services, preferably sent to the person in charge an open file with all the text that must be translated into the language.
  • If you decide to add some more material after closing the deal, the term and value of the service may change. Prefer to send everything at once to avoid surprises.

Woodfibre LNG Aids Squamish Community Through Sukanto Tanoto’s Support

Woodfibre LNG Limited, a direct subsidiary of Pacific Oil and Gas (PO&G), has an ongoing project in Squamish, British Columbia. As a result, to show their appreciation for the Squamish community, Woodfibre LNG has approved several grants and projects over the years. These projects have been directly involved with improving the community.

One such way of achieving their goal of community service was through establishing their community scholarship programme, awarding numerous grants to the Squamish Community.

The Woodfibre LNG community scholarship programme

Their first grant dates back to May 12th 2015. They had five recipients receiving $5,000 each:

  • Axemen Rugby Club
  • Squamish Slo-Pitch Association
  • Howe Sound Minor Ball
  • Squamish Minor Hockey Association
  • Squamish Youth Soccer Association

On November 30th 2015, six new recipients were awarded grants. This was announced during a Community Partnership Celebration at the Woodfibre LNG Community Office in Squamish. These communities play an important role in supporting the local charities and community groups of Squamish. The six new recipients of the programme are:

  • Squamish BMX Racing Club ($5,000 grant)
  • Howe Sound Secondary, Robotics Class ($5,000 grant)
  • 4th Squamish Scouts ($5,000 grant)
  • Howe Sound Curling Club ($4,500 grant)
  • Squamish Skating Club ($2,500 grant)
  • The Nature Trust of B.C. ($2,500 grant)

Over the months of December 2016 and January 2017, the community scholarship programme awarded a total of $22,000 to six new recipients:

  • The Squamish Sikh Society ($5,000 grant): to purchase musical instruments for students in the school programmes offered by the society
  • Britannia Mine Museum ($5,000 grant): to support museum education programmes focused on natural resource management and sustainability offered to schools in the region
  • Spakwus 50 – Squamish Mountain Bike Festival ($3,000 grant): sponsorship of mountain bike races planned for 2017
  • 835 Griffin Royal Canadian Air Cadets ($3,000 grant): to pay for Level One first aid training for all the members of the group
  • Howe Sound Hitmen Football Club ($3,000 grant): to purchase shoulder pads, helmets and jerseys
  • Squamish Field Hockey Club ($3,000 grant): to purchase equipment, jerseys and insurance for players between the ages of 9 and 17

Thereafter, the Community Sponsorship programme was awarded to seven new recipients during the spring of 2017:

  • Crisis Centre of BC, with Sea to Sky Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative ($5,000 grant): funding for 26 Sea to Sky service providers to have Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
  • Safe ‘n Sound Squamish ($1,500 grant): to support the Safe ‘n Sound lunch programme, which provides youth who identify as LGBTQ a safe place to connect
  • BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities – Easter Seals Camp Squamish ($3,700 grant): to help fund two children to attend Easter Seals Camp Squamish, one of the three Easter Seals Camps in BC that provides camps for kids and young adults with physical and/or cognitive disabilities
  • 3rd Squamish Guides Unit ($1,500 grant): to support eight Squamish Guides (ages 8 to 12 years old) who will be attending SOAR 2017
  • Sea to Sky Forestry Centre Society ($2,000 grant): to fund the production and installation of signage on Floodplain Forest Trail and Smoke Bluffs Viewpoint Trail
  • Squamish Soccer Association ($5,000 grant): to support fundraising efforts in progress to build a second artificial turf field at Brennan Park
  • Howe Sound Minor Ball Association ($5,000 grant): to help fund the purchase of new equipment, uniforms, and player and coaching development programmes

Their most recent grant approval was a total of $23,500 to eight recipients in the fall and winter of 2017:

  • 835 Griffin Squadron – Royal Canadian Air Cadets ($2,000 grant): to help pay for new tents for the Squamish Air Cadets wilderness exercises
  • Aligned Collective ($5,000 grant): to help cover start-up costs for the not-for-profit workspace and education centre in Squamish
  • Britannia Mine Museum ($2,500 grant): in support of the Britannia Mine Museum’s school programmes
  • Howe Sound Marine Rescue Society – RCM SAR Station 4 Squamish ($4,000 grant): to purchase a critical piece of search and rescue equipment–an Automatic Identification System (AIS) data marker buoy
  • Howe Sound Secondary School Robotics programme ($2,500 grant): to help pay for the equipment and parts required by the students
  • Squamish Minor Hockey Association ($2,500 grant): to help offset the cost of renting ice time for the Squamish Minor Hockey Association
  • Squamish Skating Club ($2,500 grant): to help offset the cost of renting ice time for the Squamish Skating Club
  • Team Squamish – Mountain Bike Team ($2,500 grant): to help pay for youth athlete development, based in Squamish

Recent updates

Although they were making great contributions to the Squamish community through their scholarship programme, Woodfibre LNG didn’t stop there. A recent contribution was a cleanup of the Woodfibre site.

This included removal of approximately 4,000 creosote pilings, hundreds of old tires, and tonnes of rebar and concrete. This has been carried out through the support of the Squamish Nation and the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

“Since 2013, we have contributed over $3 million to the Squamish community in taxes and contributions, approximately $10 million in contracts to Squamish Nation business partners, and over $12 million in the cleanup and remediation of the Woodfibre site,” said David Keane, President of Woodfibre LNG. “Community has always come first for us at Woodfibre–and we are proud to continue to invest in the community and in our Squamish Nation partners.”

About PO&G

PO&G is an independent energy resources development company, managed by RGE Groups. Their main focus is to produce sustainably developed energy for the emerging Asian market. They are in the process of achieving this goal through their direct subsidiary, Woodfibre LNG Limited.

About Woodfibre LNG Limited

Woodfibre LNG, situated in British Columbia is responsible for successfully executing the largest liquified natural gas (LNG) project in Canada. The project is carried out under the name ‘Woodfibre LNG project’. The Woodfibre LNG project is taking place at a site seven kilometres southwest of downtown Squamish, British Columbia.

The site, previously used for Woodfibre LNG’s pulp and paper mill, was converted to fit the needs of the project. It is valued at $ 1.6 billion, and is expected to produce an amount of about 2 million tonnes annually. The company is set to make their first delivery in the year 2023.

About Sukanto Tanoto

Sukanto Tanoto, Founder and Chairman of Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), is a man that places great value on sustainable practices. Therefore, through his managing group, Tanoto ensures this goal is carried out, providing support whenever required.